How to find an appropriate journal for your paper ? . Finding an appropriate journal need a strategy that can improve your acceptance rate. These are the following strategy that need to consider:

1.First, please review your paper. Are you confidence with novelty, quality, research method, English and presentation of the paper ?. Some experiences researcher understand the position of their paper. They knows, the paper is qualified or unqualified, therefore, they can make judgment.

2.If you cannot answer the first question about the quality, then go to other strategy. Is that your organization/institution/university/Funder requires specific quartile (Q). For example, some organization requires for Q1 or Q2 only, while other mandatory in any Scopus index.

3.For example, your organization requires Quartile 4. First, select the filter for your category and sub category, then select for Quartile 4. Once all the Q4 are showed, then click on the SJR. Try to find the lowest SJR.

4.Select the total journal published in 2019 by seeing in "Number Documents 2019". Please consider the higher number of document. Highest number document means more issue will be published. This strategy increases your acceptance rate in a journal.

5.If your organization requires Q1, Q2, Q3, then you can also do the same thing by finding the most Number Documents at the same quartile level.

6.if you are from Indonesia, you also can look for the SINTA 2 to SINTA 6. Most of SINTA-1 is Scopus Index.

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